Rockwood Nursery School

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Behaviour Standards

The staff takes considerable time and care, showing and explaining what is expected. The children are respected and their opinions valued. The children are offered support, encouragement and praise for their efforts. We discuss with the children each year the behaviour standards and staff formulate an agreement with the children which includes expectations such as using 'kind hands' in nursery and looking after each other.

Children who display inappropriate behaviour will be taken to a quiet area where the matter can be discussed. Parents will be informed of any incidents that occur in the Nursery and how it was dealt with. We believe that by having a positive attitude towards the children, using good manners and giving praise freely, we are setting a good example to the children and ask parents to support the Nursery in achieving our aims.  We have a behaviour policy and you can find it in the policy section of the website.

We aim to develop good relationships with parents and ask that the Nursery be kept informed of any changes at home which may affect a child’s behaviour. All information will be treated in confidence.  There are some ideas to support your child's behaviour at home.