Rockwood Nursery School

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Security and Safety

Arriving and Leaving

  • Please CLOSE the entrance gate(s)/door(s), both to the site and the building, when you enter or leave.
  • Do NOT leave the gate open for another person: children can escape very quickly.
  • This is EVERYONE's responsibility.  Don't assume that someone else will close the gate/door for you.
  • Please hold your child's hand when approaching and leaving the nursery and be aware of cars and vans.
  • All gates/doors are locked when the children are in session.  Visitors are only admitted by prior appointment or by offering suitable identification.
  • The gate will be unlocked 5 minutes before and 20 minutes after each session.

Parent Consent Forms

  • Parents must sign the Parental Release Consent Form giving details of persons who may collect their child.

  • You must provide emergency contact details

  • We stongly advise, for their own safety, that children do not wear jewellery in Nursery

  • Children need to be able to use/be learning to use, the toilet by themselves and therefore must weare appropriate clothing.  Jog pants and leggings are ideal.

  • Children must also be able to go up and down the stairs safely - long dresses and skirts can be stepped on, so are not suitable.  Shoes should be suitable for running around outside in - so flipflops etc are not suitable.

  • The children should always be brought and collected by a responsible adult who is listed on the Parental Release Consent Form.  We will NOT let your child go with a person who has not been authorised.

  • Rockwood sessions finish at 11:30 am and 3:15 pm, After School Club finishes at 4 pm.  Please be on time - a child can become very upset if they think they have been left!