Rockwood Nursery School

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Child Welfare

Child cowering in cornerAs a caring school it is our duty and legal responsibility to report any suspected case of child abuse.  Rockwood is committed to providing for the needs of all the children, to equality of opportunity in education and to good relations with those of all racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Karen Bleasdale, Senior Teacher, is the co-ordinator for children who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Parents must sign the Parental Consent Form giving details of persons who may collect their child from the nursery.  Parents must provide emergency contact details.

We strongly advise, for their own safety, that children do not wear jewellery in the nursery.

Children are encouraged to use the toilet by themselves and therefore must wear appropriate clothing.  Jog pants/leggings are ideal.  Children must also be able to go up and down stairs safely - long dresses/skirts can be stepped on and therefore unsuitable, as are flip-flop sandals: shoes should have a low heel and fit the foot well.

We only give regular medication to children in nursery with a fully completed, certified health-care plan (contact the Head Teacher for further information).  Under the revised guidance from the DfE, we are able to give children medicines like Calpol with parental permission. Please speak to the office to provide permission via a separate form for short term provision.

Parents are informed of all accidents to their children and low level accidents are recorded in their blue books and parents will be asked to sign the accident book to show they have been informed. If your child has a more serious accident or incident that requires medical care, we will complete a Lancashire County Council form and ask you to check and sign it. These incidents will be reported via the RIDDOR system if appropriate.